Crain Saw

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The Crain 575 Multi-Undercut Saw undercuts along walls, door jambs, under toe spaces, and will also fully undercut inside corners. stocks a huge selection of toe-kick saw blades, undercut saw blades and jamb saw blades (jamby saw) for use in Crain® and Roberts® saws …

Index of Crain tools and Crain saw accessories from coastal tool at low, discount prices. We stock Crain flush cut jamb saws, undercut saws and toe kick saws for door and floor applications.

How to Cut Door Trims for Hardwood or Laminate Floor Installation Fast and Easy MryoucandoityourselfCrain is a manufacturer of power undercut saws (jamb saws) for undercutting door … Our website includes information about replacement saw blades for Crain  …

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This saw has a larger 6 ½" diameter blade that can undercut doors in place, and comes with a masonry blade for undercutting hearths. A diamond blade (No.

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835 Heavy-Duty Undercut Saw This saw undercuts doors in place, inside corner areas, and can undercut masonry walls and hearths. A diamond blade (No.

Crain Jamb Saw we stock. Crain 812 Super Saw, Crain 835 Jamb Saw, Crain 575 undercut saw and crain 775 toe Kick Saw are in stock. All Crain Jamb Saws …

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No. 821 Carbide-Tipped Blade. Carbide-tipped replacement blade for the Crain No. 812 Super Saw, No. 820 Heavy-Duty Undercut Saw, or No. 825 Heavy Duty Undercut Saw.

Carbide-tipped replacement blade for the Crain No. 835 Heavy Duty Undercut Saw. The large 6 ½" diameter allows these Crain saws to fully undercut inside corner areas.

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The Crain 820 Undercut saw kit at a low, discount price. The most powerful and versatile Crain undercut saw ever.

Find great deals on eBay for Crain Saw in Saws. Shop with confidence.

Product Features should only be used on the Crain No. 555, 545, and 575 Multi Undercut Saws

Details Crain 835 Heavy Duty Undercut Saw The No. 835 comes with a 6-1/2" diameter carbide-tipped blade that can fully undercut most doors in place.

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Crain 812H Super Saw 13 Amp Undercut Saw with Wood and Masonry Blades – Door Trim Saw –